HDA Parents & Friends

The parents of each child that attends the Hobart Dance Academy are members of the Parents and Friends Association, and all parents are encouraged to be actively involved in its activities.

The HDA P&F provides ongoing support to the school  by organising and running fundraisers such as the annual quiz night, and are always the first to volunteer their assistance for school events.


All parents are invited to attend whenever they are able, however, you do not need to attend P&F meetings in order to offer your assistance and expertise for HDA events and fundraisers.

These meetings are an opportunity to keep up to date with goings on around the school. They also provide parents with a way to actively engage in school events and fundraising, voice opinions and give suggestions. The P&F also helps to maintain a close relationship between the parents and the teaching staff and direction of the school.

P&F meetings are also social occasions and are a chance to get to know the other parents of HDA. Drinks are provided and everyone generally brings a small plate to share.

If you are unable to attend P&F meetings but would like to contribute, you can do so by contacting Ali, and your suggestions will be addressed at the next meeting as necessary.