School Policies

Allergy Awareness

Some dancers at Hobart Dance Academy may be prone to suffer a severe anaphylactic reaction as a result of the consumption of, contact with, or proximity to, certain products. The most notable of these products is edible nuts, however, such a reaction may be triggered by other products such as eggs or fish, or by an insect bite or bee sting. It is important that, as a school, we take steps to minimise the likelihood of such a risk eventuating.

As a result, we request that parents and dancers respect the personal requirements of others and refrain from bringing nut products within the premises of the school. No food is permitted in the studio regardless.

If your child has an allergy, please advise us of this in the medical alert section of the ‘Dancer Information’ form.

Moreover, we ask that parents who are kind enough to volunteer food products for sale at any fundraiser, or other school event, take the time to write a list of ingredients as well as taking care to ensure that the food products are not contaminated by any unlisted substance.

This policy is very important for the safety of our dances and, therefore, we thank you in advance for your assistance in its implementation.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Dancers are not permitted to bring alcohol or other drugs onto the premises of Hobart Dance Academy.

Dancers are not permitted to attend class under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Furthermore, dancers are not permitted to consume alcohol or other drugs when representing the school or in circumstances which are likely to bring Hobart Dance Academy into disrepute.

Food and Drink

Only water is permitted within the studio space. No other food or drinks may be brought beyond the reception area.

Mobiles and Other Electronic Devices

Mobile phones and other electronic devices should be switched off during class and must remain in the dancer’s bag.

Dancers must not have their mobile phone on at any time during class except where they have been given permission by their instructor or in times of genuine need.

Social Media

Dancers and parents of Hobart Dance Academy should at all times take care to be kind and respectful to others when using social media.

Hobart Dance Academy should be portrayed in a positive light, as should other dancers and schools.

Bullying or put downs via social media will not be tolerated. Dancers and others associated with Hobart Dance Academy should not utilise social media in such a way that is likely to bring the school into disrepute.


What is Bullying?

Bullying occurs where someone is harassed or subjected to behaviour that is hurtful, threatening or frightening.

Bullying may be performed by an individual or by a group and can take many forms. Such behaviour is not tolerated at Hobart Dance Academy and instances of bullying should be reported to a staff member. All allegations of bullying will be taken seriously.

Bystander Bullying

Dancers who witness bullying but do not intervene are equally responsible for the continuation of such behaviour. Bystanders have the potential to become an important part of the solution to bullying. We would advise witnesses of bullying to apply the ‘Walk, Talk and Squawk’ method:

Walk – Walk away from the bullying and take the victim with you.

Talk – Talk to the victim of the bullying and see if they are okay.

Squawk – If you feel that you need help with the situation, talk to an adult who can help you.