Drama Classes

Our drama classes run for an hour per week and are designed to cater for both beginners as well as students with some drama background.

The focus is very much on learning the skills which are integral to performance in a fun and dynamic way. Children learn healthy techniques to warm up voice and body, they develop their vocal and physical repertoire, story development skills, listening and interpreting skills and their confidence. They learn how to apply these in improvisational, text based and performance settings.

Teamwork, self trust and personal development are also key to our way of approaching class work. Via drama games and small group work, the students learn to operate successfully in groups and within negotiated time frames, to trust in and share their ideas, to follow their instincts and to let go of anxiety and self consciousness.

Throughout the year, these very practical skills build to where the children use them in poems, monologues, scene work and small plays for class presentation, public performance (for family and friends) and if they so choose, at eisteddfod.

Those students who dance will find that these skills will transfer into their work on stage, especially in Song and Dance and Champion Groups but all students will come out with far improved confidence and communication skills.

Drama skills are definitely skills for life!

HDA Drama Classes

HDA Drama Classes